Baby Busd: Nurturing a New Era of Tokenomics

Step into a revolutionary realm of crypto with Baby Busd, where a 10/10 tax structure powers a bright future. With a capped supply of 1 billion tokens, the initial 3% max wallet blooms into a full 100%, ensuring sustainability.

CA: 0x8276789b8884f33d5b5d75b706fe275597c4a537
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About Us

Our journey began with a bold idea: to create a token that not only rewards holders but also contributes positively to the crypto space.

With a carefully crafted tax structure of 10/10, we ensure stability while fueling growth. Starting with a 3% max wallet that gradually expands to 100%, Baby Busd stands unique in its commitment to long-term sustainability. With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, scarcity meets purpose. Our distribution model is as thoughtful as it is strategic, allocating 50% to liquidity providers, 30% vested through a dynamic presale, 15% dedicated to staking, and 5% in support of our vibrant community.



Discover the ingenious tax structure of Baby Busd Token – a groundbreaking model of 10/10. This unprecedented approach starts with a conservative 3% max wallet, gradually escalating to a maximum of 100%. This strategic evolution ensures stability while nurturing growth, setting a new standard for sustainable tokenomics.

"Scarcity and Purpose: 1 Billion Tokens"

Dive into the essence of Baby Busd Token's rarity and purpose. With a capped supply of 1 billion tokens, this section delves into how scarcity meets utility. Explore the delicate balance between rarity and functionality that fuels the token's intrinsic value.

"Distribution Redefined: A Strategic Allocation"

Uncover the thoughtfully planned distribution of Baby Busd Token. Learn how liquidity providers are empowered with 50% of the distribution, while 30% is vested through an innovative presale mechanism. Discover how 15% is dedicated to staking, and 5% honors the fervent supporters who form the backbone of this project.

"Impactful Tokenomics: Mindful Welfare"

Delve into the heart of Baby Busd Token's social commitment. Explore the allocation of 5% for mindful welfare initiatives, showcasing the token's dedication to positive change. Learn how this allocation transforms Baby Busd Token into a force for social impact within the crypto space.

"Liquidity and Loyalty: A Dual Approach"

Unveil the dual purpose behind Baby Busd Token's tokenomics. Understand how 3% of the allocation Boosters liquidity, creating a thriving trading environment. Simultaneously, explore the 2% BUSD rewards that incentivize and celebrate the loyalty of dedicated holders.


Token Info

Supply: 1B tokens

Max: 3% at start (100% Later)

5% Mw

3% Liquidity

2% Busd Rewards

Ca : 0x8276789b8884f33d5b5d75b706fe275597c4a537

Token Distribution

The total supply of BABY BUSD tokens is set at 1 Billion. The initial distribution will occur during the token launch, with a portion allocated to the community, development team, and liquidity providers.

50% LP

30% (Presale ½ Vested 12hrs)

15% Staking

5% Supporters

Why Choose Us?

Purposeful Scarcity: With a supply of only 1 billion tokens, we've struck a delicate balance between rarity and purpose.
Community-Centric Distribution: Our distribution model is strategically designed to empower all stakeholders.
Mindful Welfare Impact: Baby Busd Token's allocation of 5% for mindful welfare initiatives goes beyond profits.
Liquidity and Loyalty Rewards: Our dual tokenomics approach addresses both trading environment vitality and loyalty celebration.
Security and Transparency: A 1-month lock mechanism exemplifies our emphasis on security and transparency.
Vision for the Future: Beyond being just another token, Baby Busd Token embodies a vision for a brighter future.

Our Roadmap

Phase 1

Formation and Launch (Q2 2023)
Launch of the Baby Busd token and creation of a strong community around the project.✅
CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap Listing
Development of the necessary technical infrastructure for the integration of AI into the project.
Launch the BABY BUSD token on Pancakeswap
List on CMC + CG
Launch BABY BUSD Trading Bot

Phase 2

Development of Core Products (Q2-Q3 2023)
Influencer Marketing Campaign
Twitter Trending
Heavy Project Partnerships
Extensive marketing and PR campaigns
10,000 + concurrent users

Phase 3

Expansion of Product Suite (Q4 2023)
Testing and launch BTC DAO Social Finder Bot
Testing and launch BTC DAO Safe Burns Bot
Integrate BABY BUSD's products with other web3 projects to expand functionality and reach
Explore partnerships with other DeFi projects to enhance interoperability
Listings on new exchanges
100,000 + active BABY BUSD users

Phase 4

Integration with Other Web3 Projects (Q1-Q2 2024)
Integration of AI technology with other areas of cryptocurrency, such as security and privacy.
Explore new use cases for blockchain technology and expand BABY BUSD's offerings accordingly
1,000,000 + active users
Trading competitions, giveaways and airdrops